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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Player Changer GTA SA

Posted By: Unknown - October 18, 2011


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Player Changer GTA San Andreas

Player changer: change your cj skin to other skins that exist in the game. You can play as rider, big smoke, sweet, police, etc. It doesn't mean if you are play as a cop, you are a cop. It just CHANGE the skin.

How to install:
First you have to install CLEO
Copy gxthook folder into your GTA SA CLEO folder
Copy playerchanger.cs into your GTA SA CLEO folder
Copy playerchanger.fxt to GTA SA\CLEO\CLEO_TEXT
In the game, type MODEL Y or N
Y = Yes, N = No

In the game, when you type MODEL Y, it will change your skin into male01. You can change the male01 skin with other skin that you like. You can download some skins in this blog. How to install the skin, read here

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