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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Shinra Tensei GTA San Andreas

Posted By: dufreak - September 22, 2011


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Shinra Tensei GTA SA

Install CLEO 4
Copy file shinratensei.cs to GTA SA/CLEO folder
Copy file shenluo.mp3 to GTA SA/CLEO/mp3 folder
Add shenluo.ifp to gta3.img

In game:
Press W + R to activate this jutsu
Wait 5 seconds to do again
Watch video below:

Click here to download Pain model for GTA SA

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  1. i cant find the shenluo.ifp in IMG 2.0

  2. @DeProgtam you must Add the file to gta3.img not find ist and replaced it :P just add the file :D and thanks it work great!

  3. . .gAn lInK nya kOq gaK bIsA yAcH. .

  4. barusan saya coba bisa, coba agan cek lagi

  5. but how to add the file to gta3.img ???

  6. ok done with a program but i can't see the skin and it crashes after saying shinra tensei...

  7. hohohohohohohohoho shirai tensei is wind element good you got this create or copas

  8. gan tolong dong mirror nya ganti jadi 4shered , soalnya ziddu gw macetttt

  9. ok.....now i tried to look for that shenluo.ifp but m pc can't find it to any forlder...where could i find it?

  10. Very user friendly and nice ,I must say .It is easy to make it work but you must know just a bit about programming and requires some external software which you must have if you are a modder .Keep up the good work ,friends. I am the same one who commented on pain's skin just a few minutes from this time .

  11. gan tolong kasih tau doong cara untuk nginstall mod nya
    semuanya ya
    dari cara ngebuat character nya jadi mirip naruto
    lalu cara ngebuat jurus naruto bisa ada di gta san andreas
    pernah dulu bisa sekarang udah lupa
    karna jarang maen

  12. im using cleo 4 though it crashes after activating shinra tensei


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